Top -5- Things you ought to do when you need Instant Cash

Instant Cash

Well, no doubt, emergencies never come with a prior warning. There come certain times when you are in immediate need of funds for one reason or the other. You may need some urgent cash to pay off your medical bills or to repair your vehicle or house etc. So, such emergencies are something that may leave you in a confused and depressed state of mind. To prevent you from getting into depression because of such unpleasant experiences, the online payday loans form a convenient system for solving the short-term financial needs.

We all know that the traditional procedure of obtaining money from the banks is not that fast and thus fails to help in the situations of immediate need of funds. The alternative source of money which comes in the form of the payday cash loans deals with such immediate cash needs in an effective manner.

But before making a final deal for your online payday loans, here are certain necessary checks that you must incorporate. These include:

1. Do a good research with regard to the features of the loan

With the advent of the Internet, it has become really easy to research and get hold of the detailed features of any product with loans being no different. So, do your homework well. This is required to be sure that this avenue of loan is exactly what you require for your fund requirement. Since payday loans are used for resolving the temporary financial problems, you are required to repay the same within a span of a week or two. The exact repayment date will be worked out by your lender at the time of sanctioning your cash loan.

2. Calculate the repayment amount of the loan

Another important thing to do is to calculate the cost of the payday loans, so as to avoid any kind of trouble at the time of loan repayment. If you are muddling your head for not being aware of how such calculations are done, don’t fret! A number of loan calculators are available on the web wherein you are just required to enter the basic loan details and the repayment amount will be automatically calculated. Keep a track of the Annual Percentage Rate as this varies from lender to lender. Since cash loans are used only for a couple of months, they are not that expensive.

3. Make sure to repay the loan amount in stipulated time

Make sure you take the payday loan online, just to meet up with the financial exigencies when no other source of funds is not available. By signing the agreement of the loan, you are also incurring certain liabilities. In case, the repayment date of the loan is missed, you are going to incur certain additional fees such as late fee, default fees plus a risk of hearing certain unpleasant words from the mouth of the lender. Think twice and thrice before taking the payday cash loans if you don’t have a regular and stable source of income. If you are employed with a regular salary package or a stable business, then taking and repaying the loan will not pose any problem. In case, you have a doubt regarding repayment of the loan, it is advisable to think a lot before taking any further step.

4. Check your eligibility

Right, the online payday loans have negligible requirements if compared with the traditional banking system; however, like any other loan product, it also has its own set of limitations, which must be accounted for. For becoming eligible for the loan product you must:

  • Be an adult, having attained the legal age for entering into agreements
  • Have a Valid Bank Account
  • Have a regular source of income, be it in employment or self-owned business
  • Provide documents such as PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Passport etc.

Having a credit history or a poor credit history is of no use as this is not an eligibility criterion for availing the payday loan.

5. Fill the application

You can avail the payday loan online by simply filling up an application form which is checked the moment it is submitted online. The fate of the application is informed to the borrower within 1-2 hours as the online payday loans do not require any credit check. The absence of the tedious paperwork procedure makes the payday loans a faster loan avenue in comparison to the traditional loaning process followed by the Banks. Thus, you don’t need to wait for days and months just to know whether the required amount of fund will reach you or not. If you meet all the above-mentioned eligibility criteria, then the loan will surely be sanctioned to you. The loan amount is directly credited to your bank account which you can use to pay off your immediate cash needs.

Availing the online payday loans is quite simple, but make sure that you are availing the loan amount just to pay off the urgent financial requirements and not for enjoying the money. Being a loan product, this loan is also a liability and it is always advisable to have less number of liabilities.